Product Specifications

  • REPELS and KILLS mosquitoes and other pests
  • Ideal for spas, resorts, events places, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Can be used as SCREEN or CURTAIN

Permethrin, along with special release- control agents, is incorporated within the polyethylene matrix. It migrates to the surface of the net over a 5-year period, maintaining a constant surface concentration. This enables Sumitomo Chemical to guarantee Olyset’s insecticidal performance for five years. The surface concentration is replenished from the fibre reservoir during washing.

Other insects tested on efficacy of Olyset Net Window Screen

Manufacturing Process

Olyset nets start life as a ‘master batch’ of granules containing permethrin and the polyethylene-based formulation technology.

(1) This technology, by which the insecticide is included in the polyethylene, is the secret that makes Olyset unique. Propriety ingredients are included that control the rate at which permethrin is released, to ensure replenishment and maintenance of a biologically effective surface dos for at least five years.

The master batch is sent to Olyset factories in Africa and Asia, where it is melted and extruded in fibres (2, 3,4,5,6).

The fibres are subsequently knitted into rolls of net (7). These are then cut and sewn into the final product (8).

Finally, they are checked for quality assurance (9).